Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is here!

Summer is off to a great start and I am loving my time home with Berkley.  Last week we spent the week in Orlando and Berkley LOVED disney world.  The first flight there she was awake and happy the whole time.  Gone are the days of sitting still and just cuddling.  She puts her hands on anything and everything she can get to and was the life of the party at the back of the plane. The second flight left atlanta at 10:45 and she finally gave it up and went to sleep.  We actually arrived at our hotel at about 1:30 in the about jacking up an infant's schedule!  She went right to bed, but was still up for the day at was rough.  We spent our first day there at downtown disney and just relaxed a little at the hotel.  I knew the next few days would be a little crazy.  On Wednesday Berkley spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon with Nana (my mom) and caleb (her cousin) until I could get there with my volleyball team.  She LOVED the lazy river and the wave pool.  Thursday we went to Hollywood Sudios and it rained the whole time!  She enjoyed watching beauty and the beast, watched the muppet 3-D movie, and saw many  more attractions.  Friday she went to Blizzard Beach until the storm hit and then she came back to the hotel to swim with the volleyball girls and take a nap.  Magic Kingdom was the big event on saturday and she was a trooper.  She was in the park 12 hours! She was not fussy at all and enjoyed the rides she was able to go on.  Snow white, peter pan, dumbo, magic carpet, mary go round, pirates of the carribean, haunted mansion, buzz light year, and many more.  The movement sometime put her to sleep and then other time she talked to the characters :).

I was disappointed we didn't get to see the parade, as that was the main reason I love magic kingdom.  It was POURING and storming so bad that we had to leave and they cancelled the parade.  Berkley snuggled close to me and offered up her stroller for all of our bags so they would stay dry.  She was content in the baby bjorn and helped me hold the umbrella.  She was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

She slept on the way home for the most part and was so excited to see her daddy!

On monday of this week, Berkley turned 7 months!  I cannot believe how fast time goes.  She is sitting up, pushing off, starting to pull up, eating real food, starting to baby babble, and is so much fun!  Brian and I often look at eachother and ask "what did we ever do without her?"  We are so blessed now that she is sleeping through the night, and she goes down to bed for her naps and nighttime so easily.  She is such a happy baby and it is hard to believe that her sweet self is going to enter the terrible two's, awkward middle school years, and the wonderful teenage years.  Can't we just freeze time now!

Tomorrow Brian and I celebrate 5 years of marriage.  5 YEARS!!!!!  Again, time has flown by.  Who would have thought 5 years ago that we would have a house, steady jobs, and a BABY.  We are so blessed!

Berkley and I head out on friday to go spend time with Brian's family for the week.  Brian will meet up with us the following weekend.  I am not super excited about spending another week away from him, but it will be so good for Berkley to get to spend time with them since we don't get to see them very often.

I am thankful for my job in that I have the summer to spend with Berkley.  Play dates, afternoons at the pool, naps together, lunches with Brian, random outings.......LOVE IT.

Eventually, i'll get to where I add pictures into these, but until then, you will have to rely on the pics on facebook.  Hey, its progress that I actually blogged at all!!!!! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

gotta start somewhere

Ok, so I give up on going back and trying to update.  Many of you have followed me on facebook so you know the milestones, seen the pics, and so on.  I've decided to start where we are and maybe keep it up from here :).

I am loving being out for the summer and getting to spend time with Berkley.  She loves the pool and she is a great shopper! I'm afraid her first sentance might be......."Lets go to Target."  She also is such a trooper at the gym during my volleyball practices and all her caregivers that she has.  I don't want to say that we are spoiled just yet, but I am afraid we might be getting close.........

Berkley is quite the busy body.  She doesn't like to sit still and it makes me so sad that she doesn't want to cuddle anymore :(.  She is sitting up on her own and I am finally to the point where I can walk away from her and not worry she is going to fall over.  It is so much fun to watch her play and explore with toys out in front of her, or just with her hands and toes.  She is also very entertained by her puppies!  She is very close to crawling, but for now she rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls.

She has been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks.  I feel like a new woman!  I think her dad misses feeding her at 2am though!  I'm very blessed that she is a self soother and we are able to just say goodnight, start her sound machine and walk out the door.  Tonight she played witha  stuffed animal that was in there and then hummed herself to sleep.  It is so hard not to just watch the monitor all the time.

Next week Berkley gets to go to disney and I promise to start adding pics to the blog!  I hope she does as well on the plane as she did in Baltimore and more than anything I hope it doesn't disrupt our "schedule" so to speak, but I am sure we will adjust accordingly.

Promise to post soon..........