Thursday, December 16, 2010

i never claimed to be a good blogger!!!!

So yes, I am officially a BAD BLOGGER!!!! I never claimed to be good, who knows......maybe 2011 will be more motivation for me.  For now, we are trying to finish out 2010 strong.  We had a great time at Berkley's 1st birthday party.  We were overwhelmed by the number of people that came to celebrate with us.  She was quite the trooper and dug right into her cake.  She didn't quite get the hang of opening presents, but she loved them once I pulled them out for her.  Lots of her little friends came and it was fun to have them all under one roof.

After tomorrow, I am off for 2 weeks and Brian is taking the week off after Christmas to spend with us.  We will spend some time here with my family and then head down south to see his family for a few days.  Until then, I plan on sleeping in (ha ya right!), getting together with some good friends, and just enjoying time with Berkley.  I might even organize some things at home.  HA!!!  I'll TRY to do better, but there are no guarantee's these days.  This blogging thing just might not be for me!!