Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Love Baylor Frisco

So on monday of this week, after feeding and feeding and feeding, Berkley passed her weight check with flying colors!!!!  She gained 6 oz from that thursday until monday.  After that I went over and visited with the lactation people, and they helped me try to get her latched on again.  She is one high maintance eater.  The good news is my milk supply was on its way back up and we did not have to do any formula.So we know i'm producing enough milk, now its time to get her to connect with me instead of a bottle so that the pump doesn't have to follow me at all times!  After I met with them, I took Berkley to go see some of our nurses from the hospital.  I LOVE THAT PLACE! they have been so helpful and i could not have asked for a better experience there.  they've called me to check on me, they've called to check on her, they've provided me with a ton of info, their lactation people are incredible.  a part of me really misses that place and some of the nurses.  i really connected with some of them and they were such a big part of one of the greatest experiences of my life!  i could go on and on about them, love them.  they are hands down the best hospital for labor and delivery in my opinion.

overall we've had a pretty uneventful, relaxing week.  this is the first week i've really been "home alone".  i will admit that the days go by pretty slow and i really look forward to when brian gets home.  im' getting used to being home and trying to get myself and berkley into a routine.  berkley is doing much better at night and letting me go 3 hour stretches of sleep!  gone are the days when i looked forward to 8 hours, i just want 3 and i'm happy! :)

now that i am caught up, i promise to do at least one post a week with pictures.........we'll see if i can keep up with you bloggers! :)

labor story part 2

we were discharged from the hospital on monday 11/23.  we were in no hurry to get out of there, TRUST ME :).  we took our time getting ready, talked to the nurses about what to do when we got home, and took our time getting things situated.  the first night home wasn't as bad as everyone made it sound to be.  brian's parents were in town and his mom was a huge help around the house.  brian and i just worked to get things organized.  i bet we moved things around a dozen times before we found something that "worked'.  we eventually ended up with a bassinet in our room with a little changing table set up in there, and a pack n play downstairs so we have something when we are down there.  she doesn't seem to mind where she sleeps or gets changed! :)

for those few days, we just took it easy, loved on her, and enjoyed time to relax away from the hospital.  we had visitors pop in which was nice, and took things one hour at a time. she was sleeping alot, not fussy, and overall a very happy baby.

wednesday the 25th, we went in for her jaundice check up.  they sent us over to the nursery to get her levels checked and said that if they were too high we were headed to the hospital for phototherapy.  i prayed and prayed this would not happen, but when the dr called me after lunch, my heart broke.  she told me her level was at an 18 and really the only option to help out miss berkley with the jaundice was to be admitted into the hospital for at least 24 hours of phototherapy.  i cried and cried and cried.  my emotions were all over the place.  while i wanted what was best for her, i DID NOT want to go to the hospital again, nor did i want to be away from family on thanksgiving day.  brian and i got a bag together quickly and headed to plano presby because the sooner we got there the sooner we could start the treatment and be done.  little did i know it would be the worst experience EVER.........the registration people were terrible, the first nurse we had was AWFUL, and it was so hard to watch berkley lay under that light.  we could only get her out for 30 minutes to feed every 3 hours.  30 minutes was all i got to hold her!!!!!!  her diaper changes had to be done under the light and she had to wear these goggles to protect her eyes from the light.  i was MISERABLE. she actually seemed content under the light and didn't seem to mind it, so the more i watched, the more i felt ok that she was there.  i could go on and on but there is no sense in getting worked up about it!

bottom line is we were discharged on thanksgiving day about 4pm and were able to enjoy that thanksgiving evening with family away from that place.  we had to go back to the dr that next morning for  check and the dr thought she looked good and was happy with her levels so we didn't have to have her poor little heel pricked again and we were good to go.  the rest of the jaundice would slowly make its way out of her system from there on out.

this brought us to her 1 week birthday and wow, what a week!  i was emotionally drained and brian was exhausted.  who know one little baby could suck the life and energy out of you so quickly :) 

thankfully, brian's mom was sticking around to help me when he went back to work.  i took one day at a time and tried to get in a routine.  brians mom cooked meals for us and helped pick up around the house.  HUGE help, cause i have no idea how i would have done it on my own!  we got out of the house at least once a day which helped, and she helped me with my christmas decorations.

on thursday of that week, i took berkley to the dr because her eye had so much JUNK in it she couldn't open it.  they put her on an antibiotic and cleared it up.  the bigger issue was she had only gained 1 oz in a week.  she was supposed to be gaining an OZ A DAY.  i became super stressed and went to talk to the lactation people at the hospital and they helped me a little.  to beef up her eating, i had to start pumping and bottle onto other issues........she is a high maintance eater!!!!!!  we will get there i know, and i'm trying not to be too stressed about it.  there is always formula.......

Friday, December 4, 2009

where did the time go? my labor story

today, december 4th, was my original due date for miss berkley, and 2 weeks ago was when i was writing about going into sorry i never gave updates.  i can't believe its already been 2 weeks...........sooooooooooooooooooooo much has happened since then. 

my labor was so easy compared to stories i've heard and expectations i had set for myself.  that night, they started me on cervadil (sp?) at 5pm and said they would leave it in for 12 hours (i'll spare you the details).  they explained to me that it mainly just helps ripen your cervix to prepare for the dilation, and very rarely does it actually put anyone in active labor.  they told me to get some rest and that i'd be having a baby the next morning..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! REST?!?!?!  how in the world was i supposed to get rest?  the anxiety of what was going to happen took over me and all i could think about was that i was acatully going to have the baby i had been carrying around for 38 weeks.  we were going to be parents!  they brought in an extra bed for brian and he didn't seem to have a very hard time going to sleep.  i was hooked up to monitors and the nurses checked on me often.  at about 3am when the nurse came in to check on me, i had told her that i wanted a "night before belly shot" and she so kindly took a pic of me with the oh so nice sleeping husband background. :)

at 4am the nurse came in and checked on my pain level.  i wasn't feeling any pain.  she said that she was seeing some pretty intense contractions close together and told me to let her know if i was ready for my epidural.  contractions?!?!?!?!  i had no idea i was even haveing a contraction.  i mean my lower back sort of hurt, but i thought it was the awful bed and the position they had me sleeping in so they could have the monitor on my contractions and my babies heartrate. 

at 5am, they came in and took out my cervadil.  i had thinned to 75% and was dilated to about a 3. said they could not start pitocin for an hour so i got up and showered to pass the time and try to relax.  i still couldn't believe that i was going to have a baby........

they came in at 6 and started the pitocin on the lowest level possible and planned on easing into it slowly to see how me and the baby reacted.  the dr had planned on coming in around 10 to break my water and said we would most likey have a baby after lunch/early afternoon.

i was laying in bed trying to take it all in and brian and i were just kind of chatting about what was going to take place.  i started to feel some heavier cramping and could sort of tell something was going on.  at exactly 6:28.......i felt this huge release of pressure (almost like a pop) and then a gush of fluid........and more fluid.......and more fluid.  i looked at brian and said "i'm pretty sure my water just broke, go tell the nurse".  he went and got the nurse, and sure enough, my water had broke on its own.  immediately pain level increased and i was ready for the epidural. 

the epidural was in place at 6:58......oh so nice.  more power to the women who do that junk without the epidural.  no one should have to go through that amount of pain willingly!  i was feeling pretty good once the epidural was in place and i layed there during i suppose some pretty intense contractions.  at roughly 8:00 i told my nurse that i was feeling quite a bit of pressure and that i felt the need to push.  she looked at me like "there's no way, its not time yet" and then checked my status.  right when she started to do the exam, she looked at me, smiled, and said "there's her head.  you are at a 9 1/2, don't push yet, i need to call your dr."

dr or no dr, i was ready!!!!!  she let me go ahead and start pushing so i could practice and i'm not going to was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do.  i took several 15 minute breaks while waiting on my dr, and when she arrived we were ready to deliver our baby girl.

at 10:03, berkley made her appearance.  there are no words to describe the emotions that poured out of brian and i during that second.  brian was amazing during that whole experience and we just cried and kept saying i can't believe she's finally here.  it was so nice to see her sweet face, hear that cry, and hold her in my arms for the first time.  you cant describe a love like that.

i was so thankful it went as fast as it did.  my nurses were incredible.  brian was a trooper.  berkley was precious!!!!!

the days that followed were very long.  eventually that saturday, my adrenaline wore off and i was exhausted!  my body was so focued on getting her here, i didn't really ever stop to think of the toll it would take on my body and how sore i would be!  ALL modesty went out the window.  i actually looked forward to the nurses helping me go to the bathroom!

to be's time for me to feed the princess and i should probably get a quick nap in as well!

Friday, November 20, 2009

here we go......

so a turn of events has happened.  i had good plans to update this with the last few appointments, progress, etc.  miss berkley has other plans.  here is the cliff note version.  last friday i went to the dr for a routine appointment.  my blood pressure was a little high so they sent me to labor and delivery for observation.  after about 2 hours they sent me home for "3 days bedrest".  i went back to work on monday and blood pressure has been great all week.

today......went to dr at 1:30 just for a blood pressure check.  instead of going lower while i was there every 10 minutes, it ended up going higher........therefore, i'm at baylor once again.  this time they kept me and i'm here till miss thing arrives. i'm currently dilated to a 2 and 75% effaced......they are starting pitocin in the morning and we should have a baby tomorrow afternoon.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

i will have to say that its still very surreal at the moment.  were we completely ready? NO......was our bag completely packed? NO (brian is home now to grab some last minute things).....did i expect to have a baby this weekend......NO :)

we are so ready though.  i've had such a great pregnancy this far and i know she is ready to make her grand entrance.  on wednesday during a sonogram she weighed about 7 lbs 12 oz, so we will see how accurate they are in the morning.  the burning question with all the nurses here is what color hair she will have...........we'll know soon enough.

i will give updates as much as possible.....until then, we are going to try and get rest tonight and prepare for the big day tomorrow.  knowing berkley already, she will make sure her dad doesn't get to watch the tech game at 11.........

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change of Plans

Its only been 21 days since my last post, but man there has been a lot happen since then.  I will post more pictures later about the nursery and showers i've had, but I thought I would share the latest news....

It appears that Miss Berkley is growing rapidly.  I had a sonogram yesterday just to check fetal weight and measurements and the doctor had some exciting, yet very overwhelming news.  SHE'S 2 WEEKS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE AT LEAST!!!!!!!  Her head is the size of a baby that is usually 37-37 1/2 weeks and I am only 34 weeks tomorrow (so they thought at least).  She is in the 77 percentile of other babies in her status and already weighs 5 lbs 10 oz.  If I was to go all the way until 12/4 (original date), number 1, she'd probably be over 10 pounds, and number 2, her head would be way to big to come out of..........

So that being said, they haven't officially changed my due date just yet, but my doctor is keeping a very close eye on her growth.  The fun thing is i've gotten more sonograms that i ever would have thought I would get.  I go again in 2 weeks to check measurements and weight again and they will have a better idea of an actual "due date."  She has moved since my last appointment, dropped a little, and is in the head down position ready for delivery at some point.

Its so hard to believe that this is really happening.........FAST!  Brian and I have the nursery just about ready and I think we will go ahead and pack a bag soon. I kept thinking I wanted every bit of these last 6 weeks, but I know that when she is ready to enter this world she will with a grand entrance I am sure.

We are getting anxious to say the least........just hoping I finish this season without my water breaking on the volleyball court............

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rachel's Challenge

I must say that this has already been a quite eventful and emotional morning for me.  On the way to work I usually listen to Kidd Kraddick and today is KIDDS KIDS day where they take calls and donations for their anual trip to disney world for terminally ill kids with cancer.  The stories of people calling in with kids that have gotten to go on the trip before as well as parents of kids who are getting to go this year was very inspirational.  These kids are going through the worst part of their lives, yet get to enjoy a trip of a lifetime to Disney World, every child's dream, because of people like you and me who call and and donate even a buck! 

So I am crying on the way to work just thinking about my child who will be here in December and how I pray for her to be healthy, as I am sure all these parents also prayed, to find out years later they had cancer.  It breaks my heart. It also lifts me up to know how positive the kids and their parents are during the whole process.  I hope I can be that strong!

Then I walk into work just in time for an assembly called Rachel's Challenge.  I knew a little bit about it before, but wasn't real sure the details about it, just that we were on a modified schedule and it was another assembly we had to attend with our students.  WOW!  The next few words will express my thoughts throughout and after the assembly.

Rachel Scott was the first student to lose her life in the terrible school shooting at Columbine High School on April 20th, 1999.  I remember being in high school that day when it happened just shocked thinking it could never happen to me, to my school, to my community, as i'm sure Rachel woke up thinking that same day.  Of course I was sad for them and happy at the same time that it wasn't me and my school (selfish I know) but then I went on with my teenage life, and probably never thought anymore about that day......until now. 

The assembly is based on an essay that her parents found just weeks after she died going through her things.  It was an essay on ethics and being kind to others, hoping to start a chain reaction throughout the school, the community, the world.  Rachel was an unselfish kid who always put others before herself.  Sounds cliche I know, but it has impacted the world for 10 years now and will continue to leave a legacy.

I know that you can go online and read all about Rachel, but this is more for my thoughts.  Sitting there the whole time, I couldn't help but think about bringing a child into this world in just 9 more weeks.  I think about what kind of kid she will be, what she will aspire and dream to do, what kind of student she will be in high school, college, etc. 

It is my hope and prayer that my daughter, Berkley, will be a child like Rachel.  One that will sit with the lonely at lunch, one that will help the disabled in the hallway, one that will journal her thoughts, one that will be true to herself, one that won't let her environment shape her character but yet let her character and integrity shape the environment, one that will tell me and her dad she loves us often, one that learns to love unconditionally, one that works hard to be successful, one that gets up when she falls hard, one that sheds a tear of compassion every now and then, one that says i'm sorry and admits that she is wrong, one that takes pride in her schoolwork and leads her school, one that takes a stand, one that this world will remember forever.

It is my hope and prayer that Brian and I will be the best parents we can be to help her be the child I described above.

Monday, September 21, 2009

what a weekend!

This past weekend was a crazy one!  Friday night started with a volleyball match at McKinney Boyd.  I got to see a friend I grew up playing with and catch up after the match a little bit.  After that it was off to my house to get ready for the craziness of the weekend!

Saturday morning I headed to temple for my frist shower thrown by my aunt and cousin.  With a car full.....Cayla, Memaw, my mom, and my cousin Marlen, we headed out at about 10:30.  The shower was awesome!!!  The best thing about family showers are the home made things.  I was so blessed to share that time with my family as well as Brian's mom, grandma, aunt, and cousin.  The decorations were some I had never seen before.  Kristy made my cake.......

I told her my chest wasn't that big, but she said she made it "proportional".  She is so talented and the cake tasted great!!!!

I came home with the belly of the cake and I plan to enjoy that a little at a time for the rest of the week.

This was the punch bowl!!! So creative and great decorations.  The punch was a pineapple punch that looked like rubber ducks with them swimming in the bubble bath.

Kristy made me so many receiving blankets and burp cloths.  Berkley is so blessed to have those things made for her that will be unlike anyone elses.  She is already so spoiled!!!  I got my car seat, now I just need to figure out how to use it :).  That thing is heavy even without a baby inside........I need to bump up the arm workouts!  Cayla made me a memory/wish box for Berkley that matches the nursery.  Everyone at the shower wrote a little wish and we put it in there.  I hope to continue that at all the other showers as well as maybe her first few birthdays so that Berkley has that when she gets older to see how much she was loved even before she was born, and read about wishes and hopes for her life!  Marlene made an awesome diaper cake, and Brian and I cut every single ribbon and unrolled the diapers.  Its hard to believe that my baby will be small enough to fit into a new born diaper but yet grow so fast all the way up to a 3! 

Brian and I try to spend a half hour or so in the nursery a night.  I guess thats part of the "nesting" process and we just talk about things or organize drawers, closet space, etc.  Hard to believe she'll be here in less than 11 weeks!

The weekend continued with a great brunch with friends here at my house that I hadn't seen in a LONG time.  It was so fun to reunite with old high school friends, talk about stupid things we did then, and what we are up to now.  My 10 year reunion is in a few weeeks.  I didn't plan to be 20 pounds heavier for that, but hopefully people will see the melon in my stomach!!!!

After  that I went to a friends baby shower.  She too is having a girl and the current moms at the shower shared all kinds of labor stories.  Some scary, some funny.  I wonder what my story will be like!

Lastly, we went to a good friends house for dinner and the cowboy game.  They too are pregnant and due in 3 1/2 weeks!  I spent some time in her nursery helping her get ready (as if I am the expert) and talking about how much life is going to a good way of course, but it will for sure be change.  I'm so glad she is first!!

That was probably way too full of a weekend, but it was a great time with family and friends.  My body told me to slow down today.  I have a busy week ahead at school with the events of homecoming, 2 home volleyball games, starting district, and a tournament in Allen.  I promise to put my feet up as much as possible!!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3-D sonogram

Words can't describe how cool that sonogram was today.  I haven't seen her since 20 weeks or so (almost 9 weeks ago) and it was so neat to see her move around.  Her face seemed a little squished at times, but she seemed like she was resting very comfortably and cooperated very well with all the photo opportunities.  The dr thinks she could see dimples, and she has long fingers and toes!  We can't wait for her to get here.  Here are some of my favorite pics!!

I personally think these fingers looks crazy long

Resting peacefully.

Profile of left leg and left arm.  I got a huge kick right after this picture.  She's pretty strong!

Crossing her feet.  Nice and relaxed

Make sure you check out the video of her yawning on facebook.  It was so exciting to see her today!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No since in catching up

I decided that it was way too hard to try to catch you up since we found out we were pregnant, and instead just start from where we are and not drive myself crazy!  I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I still feel great.  I hear horror stories all the time about crazy pregnancies, but I haven't had any symptoms of that just yet.  I never got sick, didn't have one day of nausea, and haven't really missed a beat from the lifestyle I am used to.  My scheduled due date at the moment is 12/4 and I'm so thankful to be having a little girl. Brian was hesitant at first, but she already has him wrapped around her finger and she isn't even here yet!!!!!  He's done a lot of work in her nursery and has been very involved in this whole process.  I'm lucky to have a husband that has input and style....most of the time more style than myself.  I'll try to give you a picture recap here to help you catch up and back track since march!

14 weeks along.....I promis its in there somewhere!

16 weeks......Brian was in his friend Brent's wedding and we had just found out we were having a girl.  He might not admit it, but he did drip a tear or 2 during the father/daughter dance at the wedding.  That will be him some day! :)

17 weeks.  I was in Miami with my 13 year old club volleyball team for our national tournament.  It was this week when I started feeling little "flutters" inside.  So much fun, yet so overwhelming!

21 weeks.......i think.  Maybe a little further along.  I'm a bad mom and didn't take weekly or regular pictures.  Hopefully i'll be better when she gets here!

23 weeks........My friend Christina (in the middle) is 6 or 7 weeks ahead of me and myself and Erica (other pictured) thew her a shower on 8/9.  They are good friends of ours and i'm glad she is first to deliver so I can learn from her! :)

26 weeks. This was at my college Alumni volleyball match at DBU.  Kim (left) is one week behind me, and Janae (right) is 3 or 4 weeks behind me.  Its so fun to be pregnant with friends.  Man something must have been in the water in march!!! :)

26 weeks.  I've known Karen for a long time.  She too is having a girl, but due October 14th.  Again, so happy my daughter will have friends to play with, just more thrilled that my friends get to go into labor before me so I can learn from them!

The start to our nursery.  Brian has done so much work and we are getting super excited to get more things going in there.  I'm having canvases painted and I am anxious to get them finished so we can put them on the wall and the room will almost be complete!

We decided to change our upstairs bathroom to make it a little more kid friendly.  Brian found this shower curtain online and we ordered it.  He painted without having the curtain and it actually matched!!! Hung the monkey from the rod to give it a little kid "character" and Brian's mom is going to paint monkey pictures.  The empty picture frames there are reserved for pics of Berkley!  We can't wait!!!!

I think that might be all for now.  I'll leave you with the cutest picture of my nephew from last weekend.  He came to my volleyball tournament dressed like a cowboy in his new boots to help cheer on the cowgirls!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

not so good at this

so i'm realizing there is a lot to learn about this.......i'm pretty computer savvy, but this blog thing seems a bit overwhelming.  i will try to catch everyone up to date with what is going on with me here soon.  in the mean time, i need to figure out how to post pictures, set my settings so creeper guy can't see my blog, invite friends to "follow me" and then get started........whew.....i'm going to be busy.  any insight or help from you professional bloggers will be apprecaited!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Starting a Blog

So i've decided to start a blog! I honestly have NO IDEA what I am doing, but i'm assuming i'll figure it out as i go! I figured with a baby on the way in 12 weeks, i'll need a way for people to keep in touch with what is going on in the Synatzske house hold. We'll see how it goes............