Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trip to Corpus

Berkley is quite the world traveler.  We just got back from being in Corpus visiting Brian's family for a week and a half.  We went to a couple baseball games to watch the roughriders play, we went to the aquarium, but other than that, we just hung out and let her get spoiled by Brian's parents.  She had the best time with her Cousin Logan.  Logan just had to look at her and she would start laughing. 
Berkley didn't do so hot with adjusting to sleeping in a new place and she had a pretty rough few nights at first and she didn't want to nap.  I guess she was afraid she would miss something.  While I was happy to spend time with Brian's family, being away from him for that long was hard.  He got there on friday the 2nd.  I will say that having the new iphone helped.  Love the face time, love the video capabilities and the better camera.  It was good for Brian to get to see her live like that and she would reach for the phone when she would hear his voice.  For the 4th, his parents had a party at the lake and the girls swam in the lake and we had fireworks that evening.  
Berkley ddin't seem to mind the fireworks, as she was alseep inside, but my poor dogs were terrified. Even the deaf once wasn't so excited about it :) She did a good job posing for the camera in her little 4th of July dress, and partied hard most of the day.  The girl LOVES to be outside and her toes were wrinkled from the water. 
While we were there, Berkley for sure started moving and we are no longer stationary.  I like to call it the army crawl right now, but she is getting faster by the day.  I have to keep my eyes at her at all times, which i don't mind, but I do miss the days where I could plop her anywhere and know she'll be there when I return!
Berkley had not seen Brian's dad (Papa) since February so she had grown so much and she didn't recognize him, but once she was around him more, she would reach out her arms to him. She liked him because he could just hold her and they would watch TV and he was known for putting her to sleep...whenever, wherever. Her YaYa spoiled her, as expected and she didn't want to leave. She didn't know what to do when she got home and wasn't being held all the time :) Her Aunt Stacey gave her her baths and fed her most of her meals, so mommy got spoiled too! It was hard to leave, but so good to get home after being gone so long!
On the way home, we stopped to meet Brian's grandparents for lunch.  They hadn't seen Berkley since Christmas!  We have been discovering new foods lately, and that day it was pickled okra.  While she didn't actually eat it, it kept her occupied and us entertained for most the lunch.  Her faces were awesome and she was for sure in exploration mode!  She didn't recognize Granny at first, but she eventually went to her so I could grab a picture. She had quite the conversation with PawPaw Synatzske and loved his glasses and was fasincated by his cane.  We probably won't see them again until Christmas, and she will for sure be walking by then!
Lastly when we got home, I couldn't keep Berkley still.  She was all over the place and while Brian and I were in the kitchen, she ended up under her walker and actually got herself out!  No stopping her now!
So as you can see, I got pretty lazy towards the end of this Blog.  I'm SUPER frustrated witht he fact that I made it look all pretty with the spacing and such and then when I preview it, it looks terrible!!!! Oh well, "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit" as my nephew would say.  I guess, i'll get better.  Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated, for now, just be happy I actually posted pics!!!

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  1. Yea for a blog with pictures! So proud of you! I center my pics, so that might help out. I can't believe how big Berk looks! Are babies are growing up too fast! Let's get together after I'm done being a workaholic!